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Many lives were touched by knowing Chad Brown.ย  Please feel free to leave a comment about Chad… it is a blessing to his family to know he was appreciated by us all.ย  If you would like to be included in this memorial, please click on the Write a new Entry button.

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Jon Abbondanza wrote on May 16, 2022:

You're still alive in the hearts of your family and friends! Yanks look good this year my friend.

Miss you,

Louis A Agnello Jr wrote on November 21, 2021:
Everyday I propagate your legend. You were the guy with the "It" factor as I used to tell you. I knew you were a star the night I met you. Never did two guys have such an affinity for each other as you and I, my friends. We shared the stage together and all the pretty ladies. What a life we lived. Sorry it had to come to an end but we ended up on different roads for years until true love and admiration brought us back together. Somebody has to write your story and it will probably be me. Thanks for the memories Chad. I will always miss you! Tony Agnello AKA "Cousin Vinny" Agnello.
JON ABBONDANZA wrote on February 4, 2021:
2021 my bro. Things still rough here. Peace my friend.
Jon Abbondanza wrote on July 31, 2020:

Can you believe what's going on down here, bro?

Watch over us brother. We miss you.

JON ABBONDANZA wrote on May 14, 2020:
Chad-O, How's it going up there in Heaven, brother? Things down here are a bit crazy with this virus. Watch over us. Thanks, Jonny
JON ABBONDANZA wrote on August 17, 2019:
Hey brother, another year, the Yankees are looking good. Miss you my friend
Jon Abbondanza wrote on August 27, 2018:
I am here for another year saying your inspiration has helped me raise the bar brother. I know you see and are with me, as with all the people you've touched and care about.

Jon Abbondanza wrote on June 16, 2017:
Hey Chad,

Have a picture of you on my dresser to remind me every morning how precious life is. I try to live everyday like I saw you live: with humility, dignity, class and a sense of humor. You'll always be missed, but I'll never forget you brother. That's a promise.

Ting Ho wrote on July 2, 2015:
"Death is more uniยญverยญsal than life; everyone dies but not everyยญone lives."

Oh how Chad lived... Every moment we hung out and chatted together I knew he was one of a kind. He might have been the only poker player on my side that was truer than true. When times are tough and things looked down, I still have conversations with him and hear his kind wisely advice. Today he will look in on all of us as we celebrate his life. Bella, Rex, and I miss you even though we know you are not truly gone. โ™ก
scott diamond wrote on June 18, 2015:
truly miss you as do many others My Bronx buddy


Tom McEvoy
My wife Yolanda and I had the pleasure of knowing Chad and calling him a friend. As one of the bounties at our wedding poker tournament Chad gave of his time, smile, and joy. We celebrate the gentleman he was in the poker community and gentle soul gone too soon. I am proud to have him in the bracelet club.

Could not have a better friend, always there for me, never asked or wanted anything but friendship in return, Chad loved giving back to the industry and was ALWAYS proud promoting his sponsor,, poker stars, I see now why he had the kind of loyalty for this company, THANKS POKER STARS for promoting the charity, the tournament and matching funds, you went beyond anything I could have expected


Scott Diamond
There is no doubt Chad Brown was loved, admired and idolized by those he came in contact with. I was one of those people.I was just a fan of poker when I introduced myself to Chad at the 2006 Legends of Poker. I was just beginning to play and had seen Chad on ESPN several times that summer. He talked to me like he knew me all my life and I was thrilled he spent so much of his valuable time with me that day, We even exchanged phone numbers. Every time since that day when he came to town or I went to the WSOP we had time for one another. Chad was special and I told him that to his face several times and he just smiled and said thank you.

I have met alot of people in my lifetime, No ONE as modest and humble and down to earth as Chad. I think he should be called @DowntoearthChadBrown. He will always be in my heart and mind and though I will not be able to ask him advice or just sit down and have a conversation I will be able to close my eyes and see him feel that pat on the back or that strong handshake he always gave me. I pray that I can have at least half the strength and attitude Chad had.

To Chads familyโ€ฆ Thank you for giving him to all of us.


Lisa Amador
On June 18th, I inquired with Chad on the results of his trip to Mexico. His reply was, โ€œIโ€™m in NYC at the end of the line.โ€

We arenโ€™t often afforded the opportunity to say goodbye to a friend. That night I wrote him a letter that read;

Dear Chad,
Lately, Iโ€™ve been quite the procrastinator, enjoying a much needed hiatus in Costa Rica. Poker has taken a back seat and industry event coordination is becoming a distant memory. To you, my idleness must seem strange considering how many charity, dinner, premiers, photo shoots, golf and sports tournaments and events I used to coordinate and then beg you to attend. You were always the first to RSVP and show up on time, every time, willingly, void of pompous, and without exception. While on idle these past few years, Iโ€™ve slowly been letting go of the past and cautiously embracing the future, but memories of that era will stay with me forever, and those memories include you. These past few years, the industry has gone through major changes. Youโ€™ve obviously gone through your own. Itโ€™s all such a blur, but I donโ€™t want to wait until the last minute to let you know that I think of you fondly, often, with pride, joy, and clarity, but mostly with a deep sense of gratitude.

If Iโ€™ve never said it before, which I sincerely doubt, โ€œthank you.โ€


Kerry Cepero
I hope every one who plays the game will take a moment to look up Chad Browns games on you tube and hopefully learn what it means to be an ambassador to the game. He may have moved on, but Chad will always live on in those who truly love this game. Rest in Peace Chad. Your the best!


Robert Reints
โ€œFirst impressions last the longestโ€โ€ฆ I had the pleasure of sitting next to Chad for the majority of Day 1 of my first WSOP Main Event about 10 years ago. I was a young recreational player with hopes of playing with some pros from TV โ€“ i got very lucky that dayโ€ฆ Chad was a pure gentleman, completely humble, and set an example for how the game is supposed to be played. I can remember telling all my friends after that day how cool Chad Brown was, and admiring his respectful style of play.

I canโ€™t claim Chad as a close friend, but Iโ€™m someone who got a first-hand experience with him, and Iโ€™ve always tried to bring the same class to the table ever since. My heart goes out to his friends and family.


Cindy Ferrara
As Vanessa awakens this morning, she faces a day that is bitter sweet. She will embrace the opportunity to celebrate the life of a special person who shared her heart and soul at a very significant time in her life- Chad. Chad shaped a part of who she is today, and she undoubtedly will always have him close at heart. He taught her a lot; and I suspect she taught him just as much.

They had the utmost respect for one another, love for each other, and yet both were fierce competitors, not always against one anotherโ€ฆ but, yesโ€ฆ sometimes. I guess that is bound to happen when you take grit, smarts and sheer intelligence from the

Bronx and mix it with a sharp, confident, analytical mind. They kept each other in check, that is for sure. They traveled the world together, worked, played, watched movies togetherโ€ฆ oh yes lots and lots of movies, and she would listen to his โ€˜back in
the dayโ€™ storiesโ€ฆand rarely reminded him โ€ฆthat this was the 37th time he had told her this oneโ€ฆand he would watch her and laugh when she went into one of her silly, goofy modesโ€ฆoh they would laugh to the point of tears. She was grateful for his commitment to living a healthy life style because this pushed her to stay in shape. And he admired her sense of styleโ€ฆ she definitely didnโ€™t like those white socksโ€ฆ and every so often they would just agree to disagreeโ€ฆ but through it all they shared a bond that would survive even the worst of timesโ€ฆin the end, โ€˜that bond,โ€™..that special feeling that dwelled in both of their souls, defined their true friendship.

At the end of the dayโ€ฆafter itโ€™s all said and doneโ€ฆitโ€™s the special relationships we share in our lives that make life meaningful and worth living. Thank you Chad for sharing a part of your life with us. May you rest in peace.

~Cindy, Vanessaโ€™s mom


Geno Foschi
There are very few positive spirits in todayโ€™s world. The Poker world lost one of itโ€™s finest. RIP, may your spirit live on.



Rick Cohen
As some of you may know, Chad was one of my best friends for over 27 years. We played ball together, worked together, vacationed with our wives together, and we understood each other. I made a tribute film dedicated to Chad and put it out on the internet back in July. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the YouTube address:

Thanks for being Chad’s friend. He didn’t have any strangers, nor enemies.

Rick Cohen